All students are expected to wear full school uniform. Arriving at school well-presented and in uniform is seen as an indication that students are ready to work hard and achieve the high standards that we expect of them.


For all new students starting with us at NPA, please DO NOT purchase your uniform until you have been allocated to a house, as this will have a bearing on which colour jumber/cardigan/tie needs to be bought from Chromasport.


Item Boys Girls Suggested Suppliers
Trousers Smart, tailored, plain, black trousers of waist height and ankle length.  (No jeans, denims, chinos, cords, combats, hipsters, skinny fit, recent fashion trend (REV) or other casual trousers.  No trousers with accessories including leg pockets, zips, buttons  etc). Chroma Sports, Asda, M&S, NPA
Skirts for girls N/A Smart, plain black skirt of knee length, no split or tiered skirts. Straight or pleated, with school logo from Chroma Sports. Chroma Sports
Shirts Plain white shirt for the boys. Shirts must be tucked in, top buttons must be done up Academy blouse, with logo on collar for girls Chroma Sports (girls)

Asda, M&S, Tesco (boys)

Socks Plain black socks – no patterns Plain black socks or tights – no other colours, no patterns Asda, Tesco, M&S, Chroma Sports
Ties Academy tie with house colour.
The tie must be worn smartly, with the top button of the shirt done up
N/A Chroma Sports, NPA
Jumpers Academy jumper or cardigan with house colour Chroma Sports, NPA
Shoes Plain black leather/leather effect shoes. No coloured trainers or trainers with logos, no Vans, Nike, Donnay or Adidas trainers, no boots of any description, Asda, Tesco, M&S, Chroma Sports, Brantano, Clarks, Dorothy Perkins, Matalan, NPA
Jewellery One small single stud in each ear lobe, one wrist watch.  No hoops of any size, no ear stretchers/tapers/spike earrings, no large studs. No bracelets, no necklaces, no rings. No other visible piercings or jewellery. e.g. nose, lip, eyebrow or tongue. N/A
Make Up, Nail Varnish & Haircuts No tramlines or patterns in haircuts. No unnatural hair colour No excessive make up or unnatural hair colours. No coloured nail varnish, no false nails. N/A
Coats Plain coloured coat.  Hooded tops should not be worn in school. Coats must be removed when students are in the building. Lockers are available for all students. Chroma Sports, Asda, Tesco, M&S, Dorothy Perkins
  • School polo shirt
  • School reversible rugby top
  • School shorts
  • School sports socks
  • School tracksuit trousers (optional)

Appropriate footwear for indoor and outdoor activities

  • School polo shirt
  • School tracksuit trousers
  • School shorts (optional)
  • School sports socks (optional)

Appropriate footwear for indoor and outdoor activities

Chroma Sports



We understand how difficult it can be to understand uniform expectations and so we have provided below some images of the style of uniform that is acceptable at Nene Park Academy.

Sixth Form Dress Code


Facial piercings are discouraged. If worn at all, these must be discreet, and the school reserves the right to ask students to remove these if deemed inappropriate. Excessive ear piercings and expanders are expressly forbidden. Students will be asked to remove hats whilst indoors. Hair should not be coloured with dyes inappropriate for a smart business setting.

Please note that any clothing that hinders normal communication is not permitted.

Mr Fullard, Head of Sixth Form