The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) @ NPA

What is the CCF?

Over 400 secondary schools in the UK already have a Combined Cadet Force contingent, and the CCF is growing. The organisation, run by committed and passionate volunteers within schools, provides young people with life-changing opportunities that few other extra-curricular activities can come close to competing with. 


Who Can Join?

All students in year 8 and above are welcome to join the CCF at Nene Park Academy. We welcome all academic abilities the CCF gives everyone the opportunity to have a chance to shine.

Why join us?

The CCF will help your Son/Daughter’s confidence, leadership and teamwork to come on in leaps and bounds. Becoming a cadet within the Combined Cadet Force can be a life-changing experience. Being a cadet will give your Son/Daughter the opportunity to take part in a huge range of exciting and adventurous, military-themed activities – whether that’s flying a plane, completing an army obstacle course, or learning to sail, there is something for everyone. They will quickly build important skills like teamwork, confidence and self-discipline, as well as having the opportunity to take on leadership roles. CCF offers your Son/Daughter a chance to get to know a wide-range of people from across the school, and work together to take on new challenges.

How to Join?

Vicki Gaffney who is based in the sixth form is the Detachment leader, if your Son/Daughter is interested they can either go and speak with her or you can contact her on 01733368376

Further information