Pledges and Future Days

Pledges and Future Days

For these days pupils are off timetable and are provided with the opportunity to work towards achieving their Pledges ordeveloping their experiences and working towards their futures. Nene Park Academy offers a PLEDGES scheme as its social rewards system with the focus on extending the boundaries of pupils learning. This system works on celebrating pupils successes outside the classroom as well as in it.

Our Pledges and Futures Days enables students to take part in a variety of activities, both on and off school site, and outside providers are also invited into school to support the students’ experiences. Some examples of activities which students have previously undertaken are:

  • The Peterborough Museum trip
  • The Apprentice Challenge
  • Health Awareness
  • University of Aston visit
  • Harry Potter Experience

There are 6 Pledges and Futures Days each academic year and the students’ experiences vary with each session. Departments will be allocated a title which fits into the SMSC and citizenship headings which will then be delivered to the allocated year group.

Here are some past examples of the P&F Day experiences that students have experienced at NPA:

Year 9 students completed a range of activities which centred around their own well-being. We welcomed a visitor from Dove who delivered a very relevant and eye-opening session on self-esteem and body image. Many students were astonished to find that the perfect images we see in the media are usually digitally manipulated, and the session led to some excellent discussions. Equally thought provoking was a session run by CROPS called Breathe, where students used ipods to tackle a range of challenges, all designed to encourage reflection on our place in the world and some of the issues we face. Alongside this there was an activity designed to encourage awareness of the risks posed by the misuse of modern technology, and the first two sessions of a Relationship and Sex Education programme.

To help promote the importance of Life Long involvement in Sport the PE department ran a series of workshops on alternative sporting activities. Pupils have the opportunity to complete a training session in the schools new state of the art Gym, Explore different types of movements through Par Kour and develop understanding over their bodies movements. Pupils also got to complete an Aussie Rules Football session and following the success of this activity the school will now be running a Session 6 activity in Aussie Rules Football.

Our Pledges and Futures Days offer exciting opportunities and activities to challenge and engage our students and we consider these days to be an important, and integral, part of their NPA experience where our students receive a rounded and balanced education which prepares them for future study at university, or in finding suitable employment.