Pastoral Support

Know, value and support every student to achieve

Social, emotional and behavioural support


Our House system ensures that all students are provided with the support and guidance they need by his or her Tutor, Student Support Advisor and Senior Tutor on a day-to-day basis.  Importantly, each House provides the in-school family support needed to ensure all students are happy, building crucial relationships with parents and carers.

All Form Tutors are aware of which of their tutees benefit from Pupil Premium funding.  This knowledge of the individual and their needs, reinforced by daily tutor times, learning conversations and regular one-to-one tutoring, guarantee that staff make insightful requests from the Pupil Premium funding as needed to ensure barriers are removed, enabling all students to reach their full potential.

Fundamental support provided by the House system:

  1. Vertical tutoring system with daily input from named tutors in small, supportive groups
  2. On-hand support from Student Support Advisors and Senior Tutors
  3. Regular one-to-one mentoring
  4. Regular home contact
  5. In-house competitions, Pledges completion and monitoring

Providing additional support, the Standards and Support team work to oversee safeguarding, behaviour and support for students in school and liaise daily with House teams. As part of their work, they have identified that a high proportion of students who access the team are pupil premium students. Looking at a range of data, they are able to see which students and groups may be in need of intervention, proactive support, counselling, mentoring or referrals to other agencies, such as the school nurse service or mental health provision.



The Pupil Premium solution

The crucial, communicative role of each House team builds relationships with parents/carers of our Pupil Premium students which ensures we understand needs and can tailor additional support for both students and families accordingly.

This vital House support provision, at the heart of Nene Park Academy’s family ethos, will always play an important role in supporting all our Pupil Premium students.

Initiatives used by House teams include:

– Personalised provisions, advice and access to additional support

– Student support meetings

– Extended levels of home contact

– Careers guidance

– Liaison with curriculum areas to offer additional support

– Tutor report system

– Senior tutor report system

– Financial assistance with uniform

– Financial support with equipment

– Financial support for travel arrangements

Working closely with each House area, this year, the Standards and Support team have provided a range of support including:

  1. Self-esteem groups
  2. Anger management groups
  3. Social skills groups
  4. Combatting Anxiety
  5. Counselling
  6. Governor mentoring
  7. Attendance meetings
  8. Welfare meetings
  9. Collaborative support with Children’s Social care
  10. After School School


55% of our Year 11 students qualifying for Pupil Premium funding, for the academic year 2015-16, achieved a positive Progress 8 score.  Overall, this group’s progress was almost in-line with national benchmark expectations, with girls achieving a -0.08 score which was pleasing overall.

Building on the Pupil Premium success in 2016-2017

In common with many schools, we are aware that there is an increasing need to support the well-being of students with particular regard to mental health and emotional resilience. In 2016/17 we will be developing our work in this area by extending our well established counselling provision, training 6th form buddy mentors, developing staff awareness and introducing a new helpline. Alongside our current work, it is likely that these projects will be targeted at pupil premium students in order to offer as much appropriate support as possible.  If any parent/carer feels that a young person who attends Nene Park Academy would benefit from such support, they can email their child’s tutor who will be able to ensure the query or request is dealt with appropriately.