Year 11 Passport To The Prom

Year 11 Passport To The Prom

23rd March 2018


Dear Parent/Carer

Passport to the Prom 2018 

Nene Park Academy will be running a Year 11 ‘Passport to the Prom’ which will launch on Monday 26th March. The ‘Passport to the Prom’ will recognise and reward the achievements and efforts that our Year 11 students have made during their time at Nene Park Academy by giving them the opportunity to attend the Prom on Thursday 28th June.  Attendance at the Prom is a reward and by no means a right.

This year all students who achieve a ‘Passport to the Prom’ will also receive a discount on their Prom ticket.  The value of the discount will be determined by the total points achieved on Behaviour Watch by 3 pm on Wednesday 9th May.  For example, a student with a total of 200 behaviour points will receive a discount of 200 x 4 pence giving a saving of £8.

The ‘Passport to the Prom’ will be monitored by House Teams.  Passports will be issued and Prom tickets will go on sale to eligible students on Friday 11th May.  Further details on the Prom will be issued later in the school year.

Criteria for achieving a ‘Passport to the Prom’:

  • Attitude to Learning
    • Attendance of 95%+ between Monday 26th March and Friday 11th May
    • Attendance at all exams
    • Good punctuality to school and to lessons
    • Good Behaviour for Learning – positive total points on Behaviour Watch by Friday 11th May.  Any internal or external exclusions will put the ‘Passport to the Prom’ at risk
  • All coursework and non-exam assessment on track as determined by subject areas
  • Homework completed on time and to a good standard throughout period of passport

The final decision on who will be issued with a ‘Passport to the Prom’ will be made by the relevant House Team who will carefully consider the outcome for any student who does not meet the criteria above.

The school reserves the right to withdraw a ‘Passport to the Prom’, where there is reason to suggest that a student’s participation may prejudice the safety or good conduct of the event, or a student’s behaviour prior to the event is unacceptable.

If you would like further details, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.

Yours sincerely,


ME Pritchard

Assistant Principal