The Use of Mobile Phones During School Time

23/5/18 Message from the Principal, Steve Howard

Good afternoon

In line with other schools within CMAT, and several other schools across Peterborough, we will be extending our ban on mobile phones in school from June 2018. At present phones are not allowed in lessons, but following the half-term break they will not be permitted anywhere on site during the school day.

We have taken this decision for a number of reasons. The increasing technological development of phones means that live streaming, photography and contact between students during the school day is a concern at times. We are also aware of other issues such as increased dependency on phones, excessive gaming and the impact of social media. Where schools have implemented similar policies there has been an improvement in student engagement, and better sociability between students. Whilst we recognise that there are some educational benefits with mobile technology these are increasingly outweighed by the concerns and as such we will no longer allow students to have their phones in school between 8:30 am and 2:45 pm. Between these times phones should be stored in student lockers, or kept switched off and out of sight. In addition, headphones and earphones must not be used in school and will also be confiscated if seen.

In recognition of the different stage of education and maturity this policy will not apply to 6th form students. However, guidance on appropriate use of mobile phones will be provided and the expectation will be that students in the upper school set a positive example.

We appreciate that phones are an important means to ensure students are safe as they travel to and from school and as such we continue to support students having their phones at these times.

The updated policy will begin on the 4th June 2018. Staff will be asked to confiscate phones if they are seen in school, including in corridors and at break and lunch, and that they are then passed to the House Office until the end of the day.

  1. First Incident – Phone will be returned at the end of the day, and parents informed of the incident.
  2. Second Incident – Phone will be returned at the end of the day, and parents informed of the incident.
  3. Third Incident – Phone will not be returned to student; parents will be contacted and asked to collect the phone from school.

As students will not be allowed to use their phones during the school day any contact between family and students should be via the House Office.

Whilst these changes will have little impact on many students we are mindful that this will not be a popular decision for some individuals and ask for your help in ensuring that the policy is fully understood and that it is adhered to.

With this in mind we thank you in advance for your support.



Mr Howard