Take Your Place & NPA – A Parental Survey

Dear Parent

Could you please spare a few minutes of your time in order to complete the survey by following the link below?

A brief explanation for the reasons behind this survey is detailed below and, as NPA has been working very closely with Take Your Place (Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach – ‘NEACO’), it is very much hoped that our parents can directly help both PCVS and NEACO in understanding and further developing a focussed support for your child’s education and subsequent career choices.


Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service (PCVS) are undertaking a project with Take Your Place (NEACO).  This is aimed at increasing the number of young people going into Higher Education.  PCVS are examining how parents view, and feel about, the opportunities available to their children through education once they have turned 18 and leave school or college. They are looking for parents of 13-19 year olds to complete the attached online survey regarding their perception of this.  This will provide research information for NEACO and give them a clearer understanding of the needs of parents in understanding what higher and further education routes are available.  This will also help us to develop ways of supporting parents to guide their children as they make decisions about their future pathways.  The survey can be completed on this link:



Take Your Place and Nene Park Academy

Take Your Place is a government funded research project which is being coordinated in this area by the University of Cambridge.  The main goals of the project are to help students to fulfil their potential, and make the most of the opportunities that are available to them in this area.    These opportunities relate to their education and future careers, and ensure that everyone achieves the highest educational levels they are able to.  Particular emphasis is put on students who would like to go to university or achieve a Higher Education qualification, because of the associated benefits that this level of education will give them.

Take Your Place has been working in Nene Park Academy since July 2017 and has already supported many students through different activities.  Take Your Place also works in many other Peterborough schools, and with a variety of different community and faith groups.  PCVS is one of the community groups which is hoping to support parents with their knowledge of education and careers in this area.  They have created a questionnaire for parents to complete, in order to assess the best ways of supporting parents with their children’s education and careers choices.

If you could spend five minutes completing this questionnaire please, it would be really valuable for us in supporting you and your children.

Thank you for your contribution of time and your support.

Elisa Kenton-Howells

Anglia Ruskin University,

Guild House, Peterborough.