Sixth Form Letter

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians

With the final half term upon us I thought it would be useful to send a letter to you all, covering a number of key points.

Dress code

In the summer, dress code becomes often an increasing issue and I would far rather have positive conversations with students than to pick them up for, among other things, wearing trainers, crop tops and short skirts.  All students have a copy of the dress code.  It is by no means draconian and was decided upon by both the staff and students.  Whilst the vast majority of students look great and are an absolute credit to the school, a minority do not wish to conform.  I would ask that they read through the dress code carefully before half term and if they need to amend their wardrobe that they do this over the break.  Obviously, those students on vocational courses such as Futsal or the Salon have a specific dress code related to their area and should conform to this.  Students will be given a warning, but we do reserve the right to send students home if they cannot comply.

Please note that, as part of safeguarding, photo id is to be worn at all times.  If these have been lost, then they need to make it a priority to get a replacement this side of half term

Internal exams

These will take place week beginning June 18th.  The exams are designed, as far as possible, to model those to be taken at the end of Year 13.  Where there are subjects in which the structure of the course makes this problematic, other forms of assessment will be used.  These exams are important.  They tell us how students will perform under conditions as near to the exam as possible.  Equally, with courses being linear, these will provide a useful staging post for us.  The results will also be used to inform the UCAS estimated grade.  Finally, whilst, we would never ask students to leave on the basis of internal exam results, if a student were to fail these coupled with, for example, poor attendance, we would need to discuss whether or not the Sixth Form was the appropriate place for them to continue their education.


Firstly, huge congratulations to our new Head Boy and Head Girl, Alex Moroz and Freya Larter, they both ran an excellent campaign and performed brilliantly in the interview.  Alex and Freya will be supported by our new Deputies, Jack Driscoll and Safia Gribi.  I look forward to working with them all over the next year.  Equally, some of you may have seen our students on the news as part of the Mental Health Champions.  This wonderful initiative has really captured the imagination of our student body and we look forward to them widening still further their role next year.

Finally, when one monarch dies the traditional saying is, ‘the King is dead, long live the King’.  With Year 13 formally leaving on Friday, it makes our Year 12 the top of the school.  This very much means stepping up in all areas.  We aim to support them in this but we do look to them to follow the basic rules.

Yours sincerely,

R Giles Fullard

Head of Sixth Form)