Reward Film Night – (24 May 3pm – 5pm)

Dear Parent/Carer

I am really pleased to be able to write to you following positive comments about your son/ daughter in school. I am very pleased to hear that he/she has been working well and displaying an impressive attitude to learning.

As part of celebrating this success your son/daughter has been invited to a reward Film night at school. This event will take place on Thursday 24th May from 3-5pm. Brunel and Lennon will be in Room 318/320 and King and Winston will be in Room 217/219. There will be an opportunity for pupils to buy sweets and drinks from a tuck shop whilst enjoying the film. The pupils selected for this event are the top pupils in each House.

It is a real pleasure to be able to praise pupils for their work in school and I look forward to celebrating more successes in the future.


Yours Sincerely

Kevin Ainslie

Executive Assistant Principal