Health Survey – Year 8s

NPA – Health Survey 2018

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Health Related Behaviour Survey 2018

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Secondary schools/academies


Our school, along with all Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Secondary Schools, has been asked to participate in a very important Health Behaviour Survey amongst young people.

The promotion of the health and wellbeing of our children/young people has always been important to us and now it is a statutory responsibility for all schools. OFSTED will ask us to evaluate how well we are doing in this area and will require us to provide evidence of our success when we are inspected.

The information about our children/pupils/young peoples’ behaviour, feelings and opinions will be very valuable in helping us to:

  1. Identify what we are doing well and where we need to improve
  2. Make sure what we are doing and planning meets our children’s/young peoples’ needs
  3. Work better with parents and carers and partners in our community
  4. Ensure that children’s/young peoples’ voices will be heard.

The survey method that we are using has been developed by the Schools Health Education Unit, Exeter and has been in use now for over 30 years.

Over 3000 schools nationally have used the survey, many of them regularly repeating it.

In our school we will use the survey with our Year 8 and 10 pupils.

The questions cover a wide range of important issues including: Healthy Eating, Physically Activity and Fitness, Awareness of Drugs and Alcohol, Worries and Anxieties and important issues of concern to young people and adults, like bullying and internet safety. Many schools have used the information gathered from the survey to inform and promote discussion in events and meetings with parents and carers.

Both the Local Authority and the school find the content of the questionnaire acceptable and appropriate for this age group; it has been customised to suit our local setting. I have attached a document which covers some of the most frequently asked questions about the survey.

Each questionnaire is anonymous and confidential, and no pupil will be identified when the data is returned to your school.  The Local Authority will receive only the summary of all schools in which individual schools are not identified.

I hope you will agree with us that this is an exercise in which we wish to co-operate fully.  I will assume you do approve unless I hear otherwise and I look forward to working with you in planning improved health promotion for our pupils. We hold a copy of the questionnaire at school, and if you would like to examine it, you are welcome to do so.

As part of the survey, it will be helpful if your son/daughter knows his or her  postcode (only part of this will be used; your house will not be identified).

The survey will be carried out this term, with Year 8 students completing the survey from next week.


Mr Hartley