Our House System

Our House System reflects the structure and systems that have been instrumental in the success of our partner school and creates a strong team and community identity linking in with the curriculum teams. It reflects and delivers the commitment to ‘know, value and support every student to achieve.’ 

The academy is divided into four Houses of c.260 students.

The Houses provide support and guidance within an environment where the needs of each child are known by his or her Tutor and Senior Tutor and their individual progress is monitored closely. Importantly, the House is the focus of the relationship between the school and families, with siblings in the same House. The House Office is the focal point for the House with the Student Support Advisor available at all times during the school day to support the needs of students and parents within that House family.


Here are some of the key aspects of the House System and how it helps our students:-

House Teams

There are four Houses and all members of staff are a member of one of these Houses. Each House has a Senior Tutor and Curriculum Leader who manage the same team of staff in their dual roles as tutor and subject teacher respectively.

Tutorial Teams

Students entering the school all enter one of the House’s 12 tutor groups in each House, with approx 19 students in each. These tutor groups are vertical, with a cross-section of students from years 7 – 11. The tutor’s role is to support and guide students, along with their parents, to achieve their best academically and develop as individuals. Each House tutorial team is led by a Senior Tutor who is:

  • Responsible for the quality of guidance and support provided by tutors within the House
  • Accountable for promoting the personal, academic and wider achievement of students within the House.

Curriculum Teams

There are six Curriculum Teams, each one linked to the House Teams. The arts subjects and PE are separate because of the distinctive role that they play within the school. The Curriculum Leader is responsible for the teaching and learning that takes place within the subjects in the curriculum area as well as establishing and maintaining consistent standards and expectations of both students and staff within their team.

Know, value and support every student to achieve

Pastoral Support

Social, emotional and behavioural support


Our House system ensures that all students are provided with the support and guidance they need by his or her Tutor, Student Support Advisor and Senior Tutor on a day-to-day basis.  Importantly, each House provides the in-school family support needed to ensure all students are happy, building crucial relationships with parents and carers.

All Form Tutors are aware of which of their tutees benefit from Pupil Premium funding. This knowledge of the individual and their needs, reinforced by daily tutor times, learning conversations and regular one-to-one tutoring, guarantee that staff make insightful requests from the Pupil Premium funding as needed to ensure barriers are removed, enabling all students to reach their full potential.

Fundamental support provided by the House system:

  1. Vertical tutoring system with daily input from named tutors in small, supportive groups
  2. On-hand support from Student Support Advisors and Senior Tutors
  3. Regular one-to-one mentoring
  4. Regular home contact
  5. In-house competitions, Pledges completion and monitoring

Providing additional support, the Standards and Support team work to oversee safeguarding, behaviour and support for students in school and liaise daily with House teams. As part of their work, they have identified that a high proportion of students who access the team are pupil premium students. Looking at a range of data, they are able to see which students and groups may be in need of intervention, proactive support, counselling, mentoring or referrals to other agencies, such as the school nurse service or mental health provision.