NCS (National Citizen Service)

National Citizen Service is a government funded programme for 15 – 17 year olds and runs in the Summer holidays and October half term. The programme is in place to give young people valuable life skills and develop their independence setting them up for college, university, apprenticeships and the working world. On top of that it’s great to get away from home and have fun with your friends, new and old.

The programme consists of 4 phases:

Phase 1 – Challenge

Phase 2 – Discovery

Phase 3 – Social Action

Phase 4 – Graduation

Phase 1 is where the group travels to an adventure residential and challenge themselves to try new things. To keep it exciting, we have a variety of activities, for example rock climbing, canoeing and team challenges. This is an amazing opportunity to have fun and spend time with new people. In the evenings you get to have free time whether that’s listening to music or catching up on your Instagram feed.

Phase 2 is where you get to discover yourself and your city. This is another residential stay where you share an accommodation with your friends and become independent by cooking and maintaining your own space. You will have to budget for you and your friends, living like you do at uni. In the evenings you can relax and enjoy the facilities. In the day time you will be getting some fantastic activities, workshops and talks from amazing people. We get to explore the city in group challenges. If you’re looking at jobs or apprenticeships the careers workshops are a great way to develop your skills and to give you the edge when applying for a job, apprenticeship or university place. In fact, UCAS highly recommend attending the NCS programme.

Phase 3 is the most rewarding phase on the programme. This is where your team find a local charity or cause to support within Peterborough and raise money or awareness for them. This makes a huge difference in Peterborough. In 2018, Peterborough United NCS raised around £4000 for charities in Peterborough. Our work has helped to rebuild a sensory garden for a special educational needs school, bought toys for the Children’s Development Centre, helped a start-up charity for mental health and helped buy equipment for a disabled sports charity. All of this could not have been done without you. This gives you the opportunity to manage a project (which looks great on your CV) and come up with some creative fundraisers. In previous years we have had charity football matches, bake sales, sponsored walks and sitting in every seat in the ABAX Stadium, that’s around 15,000 seats. These are just some things but it really is up to you what you want to do.

Phase 4 is the Graduation. This is where we celebrate all the great achievements and share all the memorable stories from our 4 weeks together. Family can come along to watch you receive your certificates signed by the Prime Minister from a special guest. This is your time to celebrate.

You may be wondering how much this experience costs……..£1500 but because it is a government funded programme it costs you no more than £50.

It’s a 4 week, once in a lifetime experience for no more than £50. It will look great on your CV, you will develop your life skills, UCAS recommends participating with NCS but ultimately you will have a lot of fun!!

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