Food Technology

Embedding lifetime wellness habits.

Accessibility to food ingredients for practical lessons 


Cooking is, without a doubt, one of the most important life skills a young person can learn.  At Nene Park Academy, we pride ourselves on not only teaching a range of different cooking skills, which enable students to prepare healthy meals, linked to different nutritional needs, but also to implement food hygiene and food safety systems competently. For practical lessons, students are provided with lists of ingredients which they are required to bring to the weekly practical lessons.

The problem

Although we provide a pantry of basic ingredients, if students do not bring the required ingredients to their practical lessons, involving them fully in the teaching and learning process can sometimes be difficult.  It was clear the Pupil Premium students cannot always gain access to the ingredients needed, often due to cost and sometimes for other practical reasons.  Embarrassment follows at using school provisions and engagement can be hindered.

The Pupil Premium solution

Discreetly supplying some Pupil Premium students with ingredients was key.  Engagement therefore increased and confidence, resilience and independence flourished. This was a practical and useful way of using some Pupil Premium funding.


All Pupil Premium students passed the course with 20% making 4 levels of progress.

“Providing students with ingredients was crucial.  This allowed them to successfully complete their 10 hour practical element. The students certainly enjoyed the practical part of the course, giving them both a huge confidence boost and also a great sense of achievement following each practical.” Head of Food and Nutrition

Building on the Pupil Premium success in 2016-2017

Each recipe used has been costed per student for years 7, 8 and 9 in advance. Identified Pupil Premium students will therefore be provided with ingredients, which they can collect in advance, with parents/carers aware of the process.   House and tutor support will ensure Pupil Premium students are aware of the ingredients offer so that unease can be minimized before lessons, ensuring closing the achievement gap remains the central focus for all.  Health and nutrition guidance will also be provided with enhanced in-class resources for Pupil Premium students in the academic year 2016-2017.