Studying in KS4 (Years 9, 10 and 11) – NPA’s Personalised Learning

Nene Park Academy is committed to achievement for all.

We ensure all students reach their potential – acquiring the right knowledge, skills and qualifications for the next stage in their lives – by following the right courses in Years 9, 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4). This is a critical part of the progression through into the NPA Sixth Form and further success in Key Stage 5, or into further study at another college or even into employment.

The Core Curriculum

The Key Stage 4 Curriculum is made up of a ‘core’ of: English, Maths, Science and Physical Education. These account for approximately 15 periods a week.The remaining 10 periods form part of our Guided Choices programme that personalises provision for each student through access to up to 4 additional GCSE / vocational courses.

The Guided Choices Booklet, which can be found by clicking in the menu to the left of this page, outlines the breadth of qualifications that Nene Park Academy offers at Key Stage 4 (KS4) and we know that collectively these subjects provide every student with the appropriate qualifications and courses to achieve their individual potential.

We have developed our curriculum to reflect our commitment to raising the standards of achievement and quality of teaching and learning in Modern Foreign Languages for all students. We aim to encourage ‘languages for life’ and value languages as a key skill for UK citizens in the 21st Century. We expect that every student who can achieve a higher grade on a language GCSE course will follow at least one of the courses on offer in order to best prepare them for a successful future. This reflects the growing expectation from Sixth Forms, universities and employers over recent years.

All students have undergone an assessment process to assess their potential. This has included: –

1) A GCSE style Language test.

2) National data provided by Fischer Family Trust based on Year 6 test performance.

3) A teacher assessment of their ability and attitude to learning in Years 7 & 8..

Identified students have been made clearly aware of the expectation that they will follow at least one language in KS4.

If a student is expected to study a Language then we would also recommend that they select either History or Geography ensuring they can achieve the full English Baccalaureate and do not disadvantage themselves in terms of any future progression into Further and Higher Education.

It is not always possible to accommodate all selections. We have to maintain reasonable class sizes and also try to work around ‘clashes’. As a result, we ask you to indicate other subjects you might consider. This will only inform our thinking about what we may be able to offer.We will not allocate one of these selections without consulting with an individual student and his/her parent/guardian.

Nene Park Academy is committed to providing every student with the opportunity to achieve high quality vocational and applied qualifications alongside their traditional GCSE subjects. We recognise the benefits these courses offer to students in terms of the range and breadth of skills developed beyond those fostered on traditional GCSE courses. For some students they bring greater relevance and context to their learning in school and support their progression and achievement in the future.

Further information about the KS4 courses available to our students is detailed on the guided choices page on this website

Key Stage 4 timetables (Year 9 – 11)

All students are set across two halves of the year entitled North and South. All core subjects are set through ability ranges to support the first level of diferentiation which can then be personalised within lessons. Option subjects are taught in mixed ability groups to support personalisation of the options process. All timetables are based on 50 lessons over the period of a fortnight.

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