Attendance & Absence (including Procedures & Policies)

Attendance & Absence Policies & Procedures

NPA’s Registration and Absence Procedures


Students are expected to enter the academy prior to 8.25am.

The legal registration is taken twice during the academy day, the morning registration is taken at 8.30am; the afternoon registration takes place at 1.45pm.

Any student arriving after 8.30am and 1.45pm will be deemed as late and therefore will be coded as ‘L’ on the register; a sanction such as detention during break times or after school can be used to make up the missed time.

Students arriving after 9.00am and/or 2.00pm will be marked as unauthorised late; ‘U’ code.  A ‘U’ code means the student has incurred an unauthorised absence due having missed the legal registration period; legal action may be taken for continued unauthorised absences.


There are clear links between high levels of attendance and high levels of attainment. Nene Park Academy promotes and celebrates school attendance and expects all students to strive for 100% attendance.

Parents/carers are required to notify the academy that their child is absent by 9.00am on every morning of absence giving the reason; calls should normally be made to the child’s House Office.  This expectation is in line with safeguarding procedures as, if no call is received, it must be assumed that the child is on their way to school and if they do not arrive the absence will be followed up accordingly.

The academy will also operate a First Day Contact system; if students are absent without notification, parents will be contacted and asked for the reason for absence.  After a period of absence Parent/carers are requested to confirm the reason for the absence in the form or a written note.  If contact is not achieved a home visit may be deemed necessary to fulfil the academy’s safeguarding duties.

The academy reserves the right to make the decision as to whether an absence should be authorised.  Although reasons given for absence will be recorded, the absence may not be authorised if the reason is not deemed appropriate, reasonable or if there are ongoing attendance concerns.

All student enquiries (including reporting student absence) should go to the appropriate House Office:

Brunel:                  01733 368377

Lennon:                01733 368366

King:                     01733 368338

Winston:              01733 368313

Year 12:                01733 368319

Year 13:                01733 368379

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