Policies and Guidelines

As Nene Park Academy is a member of Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust, many policies relating to safeguarding, personnel and finance have been established by the the board of directors, Scrutiny Committees and Executive Committee (Principals’ Committee) and so apply to all trust schools. These policies  are available on the CMAT website; please click on the icon below to follow the link:

The policies and procedures listed on the CMAT website that apply to Nene Park Academy include:

CMAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 

CMAT Charging Policy 

CMAT Freedom of Information Policy 

CMAT Complaints Procedure Policy 

CMAT Teaching and Learning Policy 

CMAT Sex and Relationship Education Policy 

CMAT Partnership for Learning (Home-School Agreement) 

CMAT Anti-Bullying Policy 

CMAT E-Safety Policy 

CMAT Search and Confiscation Policy 

CMAT SMSC and Collective Worship Policy 

CMAT Equality and Diversity Policy 

CMAT Health and Safety Policy 

CMAT Whistleblowing Policy 


CMAT's Legal and Financial Documents are also available on the CMAT website and can be found by clicking on the icon below:

A list of the Legal and Financial Documents available is detailed below:

CMAT Value for Money Statement 3 Dec 14 

CMAT Annual Report 2011-12 

Terms and Conditions for the supply of goods and services CMAT 

CMAT Financial Statement 2013-2014 

MAT Financial Statement 2014-15 

Academy Council Scheme of Delegation1 

Academy Council Scheme of Delegation2 

CMAT Register Of Pecuniary Interests Updated March 2016 

Supplemental Funding Agmnt - West Town Primary Academy 

Supplemental Funding Agreement - Swavesey Village College 

Supplemental Agmnt Stamford Welland Academy (formerly Queen Eleanor) 

Funding Novation Stamford Welland Academy (formerly Queen Eleanor) 


Supplemental Funding Agmnt - Sawtry Village Academy (formerly Sawtry Community College) 

Supplemental Funding Agreement - North Cambridge Academy 

Supplemental Funding Agreement - Nene Park Academy 

Supplemental Funding Agreement - Ely College

Articles and Memorandum of Association (

CMAT Financial Administration and Control Handbook - under review