NPA's Sixth Form

A message from the Head of Sixth Form:  Mr Giles Fullard

Nene Park Academy Sixth Form has grown significantly over the past few years. This growth has come not only from a greater number of our own students staying on, but also by increasing numbers of students from other schools actively choosing our Academy for their continued studies. We are proud that these students make the active choice to come to us here at Nene Park Academy and we extend a particularly warm welcome to our external students.

The quality and range of subjects we offer here makes Nene Park Academy an ideal choice for your Post-16 education. 2013 saw the opening of a brand new building with state-of-the art teaching facilities, and we are looking to further develop provision for 6th Form this year as the school undergoes a further programme of extension. Students at Nene Park Academy will enjoy the use of a purpose built drama space, a suite of iMac computers and Sixth Form science labs. We also have dining and study facilities dedicated for the use of our Sixth Form Students. We are a Sixth Form with high standards. We operate a standard entrance requirement which consists of five GCSE subjects at a minimum grade 4 or the equivalent including Maths and English. Individual course requirements are set out in the various subject statements which are set out here and in the details provided through UCAS progress. These specific entry requirements are set to help guide your choices and ensure you are on the appropriate courses to enable you to achieve your full potential. At Nene Park we believe that as Sixth Formers, you have a duty to play an active role in the rest of the school. As such, you will be expected to commit one hour a week to supporting students lower down the school in your subject specialisation. In addition, we also encourage our Sixth Form Students to take on leadership roles across the school. Your guidance during your time with us, will come from one of the Academic Mentors in the Sixth Form team. Who you are placed with will be determined by your subject priority which will ensure that you are challenged to succeed at all levels. Your mentor will guide your progress through the school providing one to one support throughout your time in the Sixth Form and crucially during the UCAS University application process. In addition, mentor seminar sessions will be run by the Academic Mentors during tutor time to add breadth and depth to your studies with us.

Programmes of Study

Your programme of study Is designed to be as personalised as possible and as such provide you with a first rate experience and one that will help you to successfully progress beyond the 6th Form:

■■ A-levels

■■ Vocational L3 courses

■■ Extended Project Qualification. Students following the Academic Pathway can choose to undertake an additional academic qualification allowing them to explore in depth, subjects they wish to pursue at a higher level.

■■ Sports Leadership Programme.

■■ Introduction to Teaching. This course combines elements of teacher training led by a specialist teacher in addition to work experience in primary schools.

■■ Work experience.

■■ Introduction to employment, covering basic employability skills. All students are expected to undertake a guided enrichment programme and the details of this are set out later in the prospectus.

Nene Park Academy is going from strength to strength and I hope you will consider joining us next year.

next year.
Subject Banding 2018-19

Please note that most students will take three subjects. 

*If there is insufficient uptake for Further Maths, we will look into offering this as part of the enrichment programme.

*Students wishing to take BTEC Sport as one of their three options will be able to and we will work to enable this to happen within the structure of the timetable.  The band within which this will sit will be determined based upon uptake.

*Students wishing to study BTEC Applied Science must choose both options in Band W and X and one further subject.

Nene Park Academy 2018/19 Prospectus

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