In Year Applications

Applications for students who attend another school in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 or who are new to the city are co-ordinated by Peterborough City Council.  Please complete an In-Year application form and return it to Peterborough City Council.  Their application form can be downloaded here.

If places are available in the year group which you are applying for, Peterborough City Council will forward you a Nene Park Academy application form.  This application form should be completed and returned directly to Nene Park Academy.  We will then contact you to confirm whether the application has been successful once our admission process has been completed.

Also detailed in the pdf attachment below is a copy of NPA's Admissions Arrangements.

Should you have any queries relating to admissions, please contact:

Mr Kevin Martyn, Admissions and Data Officer

Tel: 01733 368386   


Admissions Arrangements for 2016/2017

Please find below a pdf attachment of our 2016/2017 Admissions Arrangements. 

If you have any questions, please contact:-

Mr Kevin Martyn, Admissions and Data Officer

Tel: 01733 368386   


Links to the Peterborough City Council website

Detailed  below are links to the Peterborough City Council's website, which will provide you with more, helpful information about the admissions process within the Peterborough area and of the procedures to follow:-

Peterborough City Council's admissions information:

Peterborough's catchment area address list

  1. Nene Park Academy - Admission Arrangements 2016-2017