Sixth Form

Sixth-formers at Nene Park Academy are an integral part to our community. As a student, you will work closely with the students and teachers on your chosen courses. As a sixth-former, you will socialise with students from Years 12 & 13 pursuing a wide range of courses and enrichment activities that will extend your own experience. As a member of one of the five houses, you will have the opportunity to lead and contribute to the development of the younger students, providing them with a role model for learning and community involvement. Existing NPA students will remain in their familiar setting of their house as they move into the sixth form.Study area

At NPA, sixth-formers are seen as independent learners. We will tailor a course for your particular needs and provide you with quality teaching and support to achieve your best. We know that the key to success in future pathways is about providing you with breadth and depth in your learning and we will challenge you to extend your learning beyond the classroom. We have developed new study and social areas for the sixth form that are located at the centre of the school to recognise the importance of your studies and ensure that you have easy access to key staff and resources.

Each sixth-former has a tutor that will help them to manage and plan their learning. With each tutor in the house system focused on fewer than four Year 12 & 13 students, you can be sure of their detailed care and attention when it comes to applying to university, applying for a job or when you simply need someone to talk to.

By working with other partners, we are able to offer a wide range of Level 3 (A-level, Diploma and BTEC) and Level 2 (GCSE, Diploma and BTEC) courses. So that if your preferred subject is not available at Nene Park Academy it is usually a short journey away.Catering

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