Ofsted Inspection Announced at NPA - Thursday 8th February 2018

NPA - Ofsted Inspection - Thursday February 8th 2018

Good Afternoon

I am writing to let you know that we have been informed today that the school will be inspected by Ofsted tomorrow on Thursday February 8th. Attached to this email is the notification letter for parents from Ofsted for your information.

The leaflet referred to is a short guide for parents on the inspection process and is also attached to this email for your information. We are expecting a short inspection of one day and therefore the day will no doubt be a busy one for ourselves and the Ofsted inspectors. As outlined in the attached letter parents are invited to complete an online survey on the link provided but this has a very short turnaround with parents asked to complete it by noon tomorrow.

When we have invited parents to complete our own surveys during the year you have been very positive overall. I would therefore ask and encourage you to take a few minutes to complete this survey to share your views of the school.


During the school day tomorrow it will be ‘business as usual’ for our P&F day but I would ask for your support should we be unable to respond immediately to any queries. I look forward to coming back to you in due course regarding the outcomes of the inspection.

Yours faithfully

Mr Howard

Please also see attachments below (Letter to Parents & School Inspections Guide For Parents)


  1. Ofsted - Letter to parents
  2. Ofsted - School inspections -A guide for parents