This week NPA welcomes the GSUS Live interactive learning experience on site. This resource supports students in their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development and has been designed to complement and support the existing R.E., Ethics, PSHE or Citizenship curriculum at KS3 level.

The multi-media classroom experience helps teenagers to think about real-life issues through the teachings of Jesus and helps students to explore the themes of respect, fear, forgiveness and rejection. Core skills developed include: engaging with existential questions, exploring people's beliefs, teachings and practices, empathy and considering personal responses.


The session also builds on British values of: Integrity, Respect, Optimism, Responsibility, Appreciation, Aspiration, Generosity and Inclusivity and develops students’ understanding about the Christian heritage of our country and helps them to develop positive character traits through interactive case studies. It complements and adds to a strong positive culture and ethos within a school community and is applicable to all types of religiously diverse schools.





For more information about this complete experience, please visit their website: