NPA's Students To Be Proud Of

 Students to be proud of; 4 kind hearted and caring Year 8 students have taken it upon themselves to raise money for the Manchester appeal.

The students are selling sweets, cookies, brownies, key rings and black ribon badges as part of their own fundraising campaign for Manchester explaining that “We’re raising money for Manchester. We feel moved because people were affected at a place where you should feel safe and have fun. We heard they were raising money so we wanted to help too”.

Our 4 kind-hearted, Year 8 students are: Taila Bereznyckyi (B-EKM), Mariana Bilski (W-NWA), Maisie Wood (W-MSM) and Kirsty Simons (K-PCI/ESZ).

WELL DONE and THANK YOU for your kindness.