Bursary Funding

16-19 Bursary Fund Policy 2017/18

Nene Park Academy Sixth Form run a Bursary fund as detailed below.

Who is eligible to apply for 16-19 Bursary Funding?

16 to 19 Bursary Fund – Defined Vulnerable Student:

Students following government (EFA or SFA) funded full time or part-time courses, who are 16 years and over and satisfy one or more of the following criteria: –

  1. Students aged at least 16 and under 19 years of age who are in care, are leaving care, are in direct receipt of Income Support or are disabled and in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance
  2. Students who are economically or socially disadvantaged and at risk of not taking up or continuing in their education. This group includes students with physical or other disabilities, medical conditions and/or learning difficulties.
  3. Students in receipt of Income Support or Universal Credit in place of Income Support, in your own right

Discretionary Awards:

In addition, Nene Park Academy also operates a Discretionary Bursary system for 16 – 19 students who face genuine financial difficulties in accessing education. These bursaries are awarded to meet individual student needs (e.g. to help with the cost of transport, meals, school clothes, books, equipment etc.) This funding comes directly from the Government to the Academy and is a fixed and limited sum of money. Allocation of this fund is based on household income and free school meal eligibility. Eligibility will be determined via formal application process.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that any student will receive a Bursary amount which will cover their travel costs.
All eligible payments will be subject to compliance with the expectations set out on your signed 2017 / 2018 Sixth Form Agreement. Students who do not conform to these expected levels of attendance, effort and progress may not receive their Bursary payments.

Sixth Form Bursary Application Form

Sixth Form Bursary Information & Application Form 2017-2018